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  • Year 2021
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Belton Green Pastor & General Overseer
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General Overseer Bishop Belton Green

In 1952 Lake City, South Carolina, Bishop Belton Green started seeking the Lord, Jesus Christ. Becoming a strong believer in Jesus, Being baptized in the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. In 1953 worked as a porter in a department store in West Palm Beach, FL and later in 1954 Pelham, NY. 1955 Worked for Building Service Employee Department. 1958 Bishop Belton Green took up a trade as a Barber. 1959 Introduced to Late Apostle Bishop Randolph Goodwin who was an established barber. Late Apostle Bishop Randolph Goodwin invited Bishop Belton Green to work for him. Ten years Bishop Belton Green worked for Bishop Randolph Goodwin, passing the New York State Barbering test while working under him Bishop Belton Green became a master barber. 1967 Ordained a minister of the gospel, by Bishop Randolph Goodwin. 1968 Appointed assistant pastor, 2000 Became the leader that the Lord has established.

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